The Hessian Collection | Hvar String - Cheeky grey ribbed bikini

From self conscious to self esteem

May 21, 2018

Meet Jersey girl Ella Martyn! The inspirational personal trainer who managed to turn her self loathing attitude into self-esteem. 

"I was so unhappy with my body, my life, my situation. I had a poor attitude."

 Ella's journey towards self-esteem all began with her move to Australia and the discovery of strength training and flexible dieting

Weight lifting changed her body, her mindset and her career. Her new approach of guilt-free eating and sustainable living pushed her towards her career change in personal training and online fitness coaching. 

"You need to ask yourself if the way you train, eat and live your life is sustainable, can you do what you're doing now in 5 years time? If the answer is 'No', then you need to find another way.  A way that is right for you, because no method or process is right for everyone. I would also say give up on restricting things and start enjoying foods and social occasions guilt-free because you will only look back and say 'I wish I cared less.'"

The Hessian Collection | Hvar String - Cheeky grey ribbed bikini


FitMiss Retreats is a Women's ONLY Bali Fitness retreat. It originated from a gap in the market and is targeted towards girls who are into fitness, lifting weights and enjoying a cocktail 

“Everything was yoga, mediation or surf retreats. I wanted to create something for the everyday girl who loves to lift, enjoy life and be social.”

"The women I work with are my motivation. Being able to positively impact someone's life and knowing it has a domino effect on the people around them"

 The Hessian Collection | Mykonos String - Cheeky black and white stripped bikini

There are a few layers to Ella's online coaching. They are all about helping women to become stronger and strive for their goals. 

  1. Mentor program for Females Personal Trainer "Females in Fitness". Its a place where women in the industry can learn, upskill and become a leader in the industry.

  2.  "LIFE' program - training, nutrition and mindset coaching program for women. Where women are coached to find out what works for them when it comes to diet and exercise in order to achieve and sustain their goals.

  3. 'Comp Prep' program.  As a fitness competitor, Ella coaches women that want to step on the WBFF stage. Using methods that have clients health as a priority.  


"I've built my body over many years in the gym. My advice is to hit the weights. But if you are unsure, invest in a good PT or coach for guidance and technique. Complete full body sessions, hitting an upper and lower body in the same session for the most bang for your buck! If your short on time super-sets are great. "

"Training is just one aspect of a balanced life! Make sure your recovery is on point too. Nutrition, sleep, hydration and stress management."

 The Hessian Collection | Hvar String - Cheeky grey ribbed bikini

Ella had been leaning out for competition prior to her shoot. She wanted to create content that showed her follower's body confidence! 
"It's important to show women that confidence in your body and skin comes from within! I loved the swimsuits, super comfy and flattering." 
Swimsuits featured: The Mykonos String/ Black & White & Hvar Set
Photographer: Lyndon Marceau - @marceauphotography
Instagram handle: @EllaMartyn

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