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June 13, 2019

Meet 27-year-old Sydney sider, Kristina Dickinson.

She owns a dance school and loves encouraging and bringing confidence to young girls and boys striving to reach their dreams. She also loves the beach, spending time with family and... TRAVELLING! 

The Hessian Collection | Palm Springs String - Cheeky Australian Swimwear

But how does she manage to fit so much travel in?

Kristina worked overseas when was younger and was able to travel through that. Now she's lucky enough to be her own boss, making travelling easier. She works hard so she can travel and she always books trips as goals to motivate her, no matter how far in advance! She never limits herself, if a travel opportunity arises, she goes with it whether it's with friends, solo trip, or in 5 days time or a year away!

The Hessian Collection | Palm Springs String - Cheeky Australian Swimwear

Kristina's top 3 travel destinations

Florence, Italy - "I ate the best food there!"

Egypt - "Absolutely breathtaking and the history is incredible"

Prague, Czech Republic - "It has a bit of everything I love about Europe in the one place with incredible art around every corner."

The Hessian Collection | Palm Springs String - Cheeky Australian Swimwear

How to stay on top of fitness goals when traveling

Kristina maintains her fitness and cardio but must admit, she does indulge with her diet. She aims to always get her protein and greens in and then once she's back home she gets back into her eating and diet routine.

Travel tip 1: 'If you want it, have it'

While I'm travelling this is Kristina's motto, whether it’s a YSL handbag, a pair of shoes or that delicious pizza, she doesn't want regrets when reminiscing. However, everything in proportion so she likes to remember that sometimes enough is enough. "If you're tossing up between 2 desserts don't just get both because you can’t decide, pick one or the other!"

The Hessian Collection | Palm Springs String - Cheeky Australian Swimwear

Travel tip 2: Walk, walk, walk

Kristina likes to walk everywhere because you can see and learn so much about a city just by walking the streets and watching the people.

Also, she recommends to never take an escalator or elevator if you can take the stairs and if you have a moment to spare, go for a run - be outdoors and soak in the beautiful scenery whilst getting your cardio/fitness in!

"I do try my best to keep up some training while I'm overseas but my holiday and sightseeing definitely come first."

Travel tip 3: Work hard, play hard!

Work really hard before you go overseas, stick to your eating and workout plans in preparation for being 'naughty' when I'm travelling. Kristina always take the stairs and still aims to get her steps in every day! She will also do a 5-10 minute ab workout in her hotel room each night time if she has time!

Thanks for chatting with us, Kristina! 

The Hessian Collection | Palm Springs String - Cheeky Australian Swimwear


Bikini Featured - Palm Springs String/ Black & Los Angeles String/ Star

Kristina's Instagram: @Kristinad266

Photographer: Lyndon Marceau - @Marceauphotography

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